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Thomas Siemienik

Luxury Home Building Passion Since 1971

Arriving as a young man to the United States back in 1965, I continued to study construction and my desires to pursue this " Family Owned " business was created in 1971.
I had built my first home in Long Island, New York which had gained the attention for many buyers and the home sold prior to completion. This home was built "Hands On" where I had completed most of the construction work including framing, electrical, plumbing, painting, floors, kitchen, roofing, practically the entire home.

A new and exciting home building market was opening up 2 hours west in the Pocono's, Pennsylvania. My wife and I decided to relocate and we were offered to become one of the community builders. From that day on we were building 40 - 50 homes per year in The Pocono's for a 14 year time frame.

Now That's The American Dream!

Coming from another country, learning English in the United States and only completing 1 home prior, allowed us to raise 2 children in the Pocono's and it was in 1985 when we had decided to move back to Long Island, New York. The overall market in the Pocono's had changed so we had begun our focus on the high end custom home building market.
Our first home upon our return to Long Island, New York was our personal home in Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island, New York. The home was contemporary and was 8,500 square feet. 

This home had led us directly into the high end residential market and it also opened doors to the commercial side of real estate.  There in Long Island, New York we had built numerous amounts of multi-million dollar homes as well as 2 commercial retail outlets which we had personally owned.
After the New York market had changed we had decided to move our operations to North Carolina where we have continued to develop and build high end custom homes.